N O V E M B E R   2 0 1 7   S H O W    I N F O R M A T I O N
C H R I S T M A S    T R E A S U R E S   O N L I N E   B E A R S   &   G I F T   S H O W


8th Annual Christmas Treasures Online Bear & Gift Show

Calling all teddy bear artists!
The Christmas Treasures show will feature a large selection of show exclusive teddy bears and quality artfully made gifts by many of the industry's leading artists. Bears and animals of all shapes and sizes and all price ranges are welcome as well as bears and artful gifts under $75. All artists who meet our minimum qualifications below are welcome to apply!

Show Dates: Friday, November 17 - Sunday, November 19 (Starts at 12pm noon and ends at 8pm New York time)
Preview & Voting Dates: Friday, November 3 - Thursday, November 16 (Starts and ends at 12pm New York time)

Participation Fee: $115 USD, payable via PayPal only.

How the Online Show Works 

TeddiesWorldwide.com is the main website all show visitors go to. On the show page they'll see preview photos of one bear or animal by each participating artist, all on one page. This photo will be a link to the artist's show page featuring their bears for sale, a short bio and purchase terms (forms of payment accepted, shipping, refunds, layaway, etc). The link on the main page will be the only way visitors get to the artist's show page. Each artist will create their page through their Teddies Worldwide account using our design program, Page Creator. Artists will handle all email inquiries from perspective buyers as well as all sales. PayPal is the preferred method of payment among most artists though you can also have a collector contact you to make other arrangements.

Minimum Qualifications for Participation

·          - Bear making and selling of your own designs at shows or online for at least two years
     - Online collector following and/or collector email mailing list
     - Ability to take high quality photos (or a professional to do it for you)
     - Knowledge of how to resize and upload photos to the internet.
     - Must take the time to read and comprehend all written communication (which will be sent in English) from coordinator including emails, and online support/tutorials
     - Must meet all deadlines as stated below
     - A PayPal account is not mandatory but strongly recommended so you can capture sales quickly and easily with PayPal buttons. A complete photo tutorial on how to create PayPal buttons will be provided

Items Required/Allowed in the Show 

·            TEDDY BEARS AND/OR OTHER ANIMALS - MINIMUM of 5, MAXIMUM of 10 items allowed in show
       GIFTS & BEARS UNDER $75us - Handmade, high quality, artistic gifts are welcome. They must have a teddy bear theme and be made of high quality materials and construction just as your bears are. Small bears in this price range are also welcome in the gifts category. Minimum of 3, Maximum of 6 items. One photo will be allowed per item.


     - All teddy bears and animals must be made exclusively for the show. That means they cannot be shown or available for adoption anywhere prior to the show. Collectors will be more determined to come to the show if they know they are going to see brand new pieces from you.

- All items must be competitively priced. No sale or discount pricing. All items must be for sale at start of show. No advanced sales or reseravtions.

Teddies Worldwide Page Creator

All artists will create their show page with
TW PAGE CREATOR. Page Creator is an online template program, already designed to meet the requirements for a show page. You pick the background color/image, upload a header/logo and then upload your photos, enter descriptions, PayPal code and much more to give your page a unique feel. No design skills or html code knowledge necessary. You MUST know how to upload photos to your computer from a digital camera and then how to edit/resize photos and upload from your computer to our program. Page Creator is the fast, easy way to create your show page while maintaining control of the look and feel of your page. Artists love how easy it is to use and how much time it saves (versus designing their own page from scratch) so they can spend more time on bear making. Complete instructions and support will be provide.

***NEW: You can now have FIVE photos per item! ***

Collector's Choice Awards

We want to get our collectors involved and encourage participating artists to create exceptional pieces for the preview so the Collector's Choice Awards were introduced at the July 2011 show and it were a tremendous success, driving a record number of visitors to the preview and show. During the preview all visitors will be able to vote for the bear they like best in each category by viewing your preview photo. The preview photo can be of a bear or other animals and it must be available for adoption in the show. Winners will be announced at the very start of the show and will receive a special digital award graphic they can proudly display on their show page! Winners will also receive mention in written show reviews submitted to industry magazines.


TEDDIES WORLDWIDE: We will be advertising the show in US and international trade magazines, on various forums and social networks online, through direct email and with postcards and fliers at shows in the US and abroad.

ARTISTS: Participating artists PLAY A KEY ROLE IN PROMOTING THE SHOW! With 75 artists from more than 15 countries you collectively come in contact with thousands of collectors, friends and family that I would never be able to contact on my own. You must place a show banner on your website or blog and send emails to your collectors, friends and family about the show. If you’d like postcards or a downloadable flyer you can print and take to shows I will provide them for you. The more people you tell about the show, the more successful it will be!

In all correspondence you must give the link to our website, not your personal show page or the URL that appears in the browser when you land on our page. Simply provide www.TeddiesWorldwide.com. This will get them where they need to be for the show!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Artists are not allowed to show photos of their show bears prior to the show. That includes snippets or collages. The suspense is what drives people to the site when the show begins! No reservations or selling of bears before the show.

Please add this banner to your website or blog! Be sure it links to www.TeddiesWorldwide.com


Show Schedule

April 9 - August 1 Online Applications Accepted - Notification and payment expected within 7 days
November 2 Preview Photo Due - Uploaded to TW Account Profile Page by 11:59pm New York Time
November 3 Preview & Voting Begin 12pm New York time
November 15 Your show page must be completely finished by 11:59pm New York Time
November 17 Show Starts at 12pm New York Time
November 19 Show Ends at 8pm New York Time


Refund Policy

Your exhibitor fee goes towards advertising you and the show to help make it a success. Promotion and paid advertising for the event including your name listed on the website and in some print advertising begins as soon as registration for the show is complete. Therefore there is no refund if you cancel your participation in the show for any reason or if you are removed from show for failure to comply with rules or deadlines.



  • All applicants will receive an email notifying of acceptance status within 7 days of applying.
  • Artists accepted into the show must pay the participation fee of $115us within 7 days of acceptance email
  • Failure to pay on time will result in forfeiture of spot.

All applications will be reviewed and artist's work juried.
On Application please upload 3 photos of current work or provide
a website address to photos of your current work.

We'll be looking for quality and visual appeal in your work and bright, crisp photos that show detail. The top 75 applicants who pass the jury process will be selected. Preference will be given to those who have never done a Teddies Worldwide online show. At least half of our artists have participated in our shows in the past and are always welcome to apply again! We strive to keep each show fresh and exciting with quality and variety while offering a balance of first time and previous TW artists.
Those artists who qualify but don't receive one of the first 75 spaces in the show will be placed on a wait list.
There are always spots that become available as the show gets closer.

With over 1500 artists receiving notification of this show I can't possibly pick a time that works for everyone.
To keep it fair for all
I will not accept applications before or after the application period.
I can not hold a spot for you. But don't worry, there will be future TW shows for you to apply for!

If accepted you must pay the participation fee  WITHIN 7 DAYS OF NOTIFICATION.
If you can not pay by the due date please do not apply.
Those accepted will have 7 days to complete the acceptance process by paying the participation fee of $115 via the link to PayPal in their acceptance email.

We hope you'll consider joining us for the Christmas Treasures online show!

Bear Hugs,

Daphne Towers, Event Coordinator & Promoter
Frank Towle, Technical Specialist


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